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About the Department

Craft a future around your passion for the written word, on paper or in pixels, in formats from multimedia to magazines, from podcasts to corporate communications. Our students learn to write with power and panache, guided by a faculty of experienced professionals. Campus media provides an outlet for your work, while cross-disciplinary forays into audio, video, and visual storytelling expand its impact—and your own value as a multi-platform journalist. Our students graduate with the polished portfolio expected of even entry-level hires.

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You’ve Got Our Attention

Share your story with us: We can help you frame the next chapter. Classes are small, about 22 students. Professors are attentive, happy to share their time. And your faculty mentor—a professor formally assigned to you—is an expert guide toward perfecting your craft and making the best steps for college and career.


Internships for All

To land a writing gig, experience is a must—not a plus. That’s why 100% of our students do internships. Access to local and big-city slots (NYC and Philly are a train ride away) embed you in the nation’s biggest media marketplace, launching your first connections—and your first contributions—as a working writer.

Professors Are Pros

Study with faculty mentors who generously share pointers—and personal connections—cultivated in their writing lives. Our professors are industry insiders across magazines, news media, digital media, and corporate communications, with the contacts to bring this-just-in insights—and impressive guest speakers—to their classrooms.