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SPRING 2023 Course offerings

JPW 208  Intro to Journalism Mon/Thu 11:00-12:20pm Prof Lounsberry
JPW 209  Broadcast Journalism Thurs 5:30-8:20pm Prof Duggan
JPW 250  Writing for Interactive Media Tue/Fri 11:00-12:20pm Prof Webber
JPW 321  Race, Gender and the News Mon 5:30-8:20PM TBA
JPW 301  Data Journalism Wed 5:30-8:20PM TBA
JPW 350  Magazine Writing Tue/Fri 2:00-3:20pm Prof Webber
JPW 498  Beats and Deadlines Mon/Thu 12:30-1:50pm Prof Lounsberry


JPW 208/Introduction to Journalism                                                                                               
Experience in news reporting and writing, and explanation of the ideals of journalism. Students learn how to report and research news stories, use social media and digital skills in newsgathering, and write news stories for online and print publications. Students also explore feature writing and how to incorporate multimedia, such as video and photographs, into story packages


JPW 209/Broadcast Journalism                                                                                                       
This course introduces students to the issues and practices of broadcast journalism in the United States, and the role the profession plays in educating and informing the public through a variety of news formats. Students will learn how to legally and ethically collect information, write clear and readable stories, use multiple platforms, and how to cover news, weather, sports, and other types of stories.


JPW 250/Writing for Interactive Media                                                                                               
Introduces students to the reasoning, routines and rigors of writing for business and professional markets. Students learn basic HTML and CSS coding, build their own WordPress portfolio websites, blog using the fundamentals of SEO, use social media to promote their content, and create mobile videos.


JPW 301/Data Journalism                                                                                                  
Teaches basic data-analysis skills associated with investigative and explanatory reporting. Students learn to mine and interpret official data, using introductory-level spreadsheet analysis and formulas. Particular attention is given to issues of ethics, privacy and freedom of information. Students will design and complete a database reporting project.


JPW 321/Race, Gender, and the News                                                                                            
This class examines historical and contemporary issues with regard to the ways in which women and people of color participate in Western news media, either as the subjects of news coverage or as journalists. Students will be exposed to historical, theoretical and contemporary writings on media representation, and will complete a major reporting project.


 JPW 350/Magazine Writing                                                                                                            
Students learn to write different types of magazine articles being published today both online and in print, and how to pitch and write stories for a host of publications.  They will learn what makes a good story, how to research a piece, how to prepare for an interview, as well as organization and writing techniques to use.


JPW 498/Beats and Deadlines                                                                                          
Provides working experience in covering regular news assignments (beats) such as local government, education, police, courts, business, and science/environmental issues. Students write news and feature stories, take photos and videos, and develop a personal brand via social media.