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JPW Major

Upon completion, JPW majors will be able to:

Research, write, edit and create material of entry-level professional quality according to the practices and standards of news organizations, magazines and professional communications. These materials include news stories, features, newsletters, business documents, headlines, photo captions, photos, videos and web/digital content.

Demonstrate an understanding of media law and ethical conduct in journalism and professional writing, and other requirements of good journalistic practice.
Demonstrate an awareness of the assumptions about culture and gender implicit in choice of media, representations, and focus in journalism and professional writing.
Demonstrate knowledge of the history and traditions of journalism and professional writing.
Perform entry-level work at a professional publication or as a professional writer, as demonstrated by completion of a media experience.

Required courses: 8 course units

JPW 208/Digital Journalism

JPW 250/Writing for User Experience

JPW 301/Data Journalism

JPW 308/Media Law

JPW 309/Media Ethics

JPW 311/News Editing and Production

JPW 498/Beats and Deadlines

JPW 499/Media Experience

Three of the following courses: 3 course units

JPW 209/Broadcast Journalism

JPW 251/Feature Writing

JPW 271/Fact-Checking

JPW 310/Press History

JPW 320/Social Media Strategy

JPW 321/Race, Gender, and the News

JPW 322/Future of the News

JPW 350/Magazine Writing

JPW 360/Mobile Video Production & Editing

JPW 370/Topics in Journalism

JPW 371/Topics in Professional Writing

JPW 372/Introduction to Media Entrepreneurship

JPW 391/Independent Study in Journalism or Professional Writing

JPW 397/Practicum (by permission)

JPW 399/Internship in Journalism or Professional Writing

JPW 401/The Washington Center

JPW 493/Independent Research II

One course, by advisement, from outside the JPW offerings (e.g., creative writing, literature, business, design, political theory, science and technology, international studies). 1 course unit

Total for major: 12 course units

Suggested First-Year Sequence for Journalism and Professional Writing

FYW First Year Writing

FYS First Year Seminar

JPW 208/Digital Journalism

JPW250/IMM 140/Writing for Interactive Media

The College Core *

The College Core*

The College Core*

The College Core (or another journalism course)

*It is recommended that students not exempted from the foreign language requirement take courses to meet that requirement. Note: Arabic 151 and 152, Chinese 151 and 152, Japanese 151 and 152, and Russian 151 and 152 (offered annually) are intensive courses and carry two course units of credit each. Students should take this into account when planning a normal four-course semester.

Total for year: 8 course units