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Student Awards

Tiffany Award

Given in honor of Emeritus Professor Arthur Tiffany to a graduating senior who has demonstrated exceptional ability in expository writing, including essays, narratives, analyses or magazine writing.

2021 Debra Schafer
2020 Jane Bowden
2019 Victoria Herlocker
2018 Kaitlyn Njoroge
2017 Kelly Corbett
2015 Colleen Murphy
2014 Stephanie Agresti
2013 Julia Corbett
2012 Kimberly Horner
2011 Matthew Huston
2010 Lauren Gurry
2009 Megan Demarco
2008 Kelli Plasket
2007 Monique Reuben
2006 Matthew Conklin
2005 Christine Brozyna
2004 Kristina Fiore
2003 Meredith D’Agnollo,  Amanda Harris
2002 Jonathan Vuocolo
2001 Christopher Hermosilla
2000 Kim Krupa
1999 Thomas Parmalee
1998 Marie Brzostowski
1997 Catherine Leidemer,  Jennifer Letki
1996 Mark Simon

Professional Writing Award

Given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in writing that involves the media, public relations or other professional communications.

2021 Victoria Giardina
2020 Veronica Flesher
2019 Gianna Melillo
2018 Roderick Macioch
2017 Olivia Rizzo
2015 Susan Haefner
2014 Mark Marsella
2013 Alexis Ganz
2012 Mariko Curran
2011 Jessica Corry
2010 Paul Plumeri
2009 Lauren Gurry
2008 Alexander Seise
2007 David Rout
2006 Benjamin Leach
2005 Teresa Rivas
2004 Amy Kuperinsky, Patrick Dresh
2003 Jeanine Skowronski, Joan Marshall
2002 Conor Fortune
2001 Thea Palad
2000 Mairin Sutcliffe, Peter Croatto
1999 John Oliver, Jennifer Letki
1998 Jette Smith, Jessica Nesterak

Journalism Award

Given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated exceptional ability in journalism both academically and professionally.

2021 Emmy Liederman
2020 Nicole Viviano
2019 Elizabeth Zakaim
2018 Catherine Bialkowski
2017 Chelsea LoCascio
2016 Colleen Murphy
2015 Andrew Grossman
2014 Christine Aebischer
2013 Jamie Primeau
2012 David Karas
2011 Kathryn Brenzel
2010 Megan DeMarco, Kelly Plaskit
2009 Joseph Hannan
2008 Thomas Dunford, Jacob Remaly
2007 Tammy Tibbetts
2006 Daniela Flores, Kelly Meisberger
2005 Kristina Fiore
2004 Meredith D’Agnolo, Joseph Schneck, Amanda Harris
2003 Jonathon Vuocolo, David Kraska, Keith Glock
2002 Christopher Hermosilla
2001 Kim Krupa, Kelly Lobdell
2000 Nicholas Fortuna
1999 Gregory Volpe, Marie Brzostowski
1998 Catherine Leidemer, Brian Hershberg
1997 Theresa Needham, Mark Simon
1996 Wolf S

Robert Cole Scholarship

Given in honor of Emeritus Professor Robert Cole to an undergraduate student with a demonstrated commitment to a career in newsgathering. The award honors Cole’s commitment to the profession of journalism and to the value of free expression in a democratic society.

2020 Camille Furst
Jane Bowden
2018 Elizabeth Zakaim
2017 Thomas Infante
2016 Julia Livesey, Chelsea LoCascio
2015 Shayna Innocenti
2014 Annabel Lau
2013 Amy Reynolds
2012 Brandon Gould
2011 David Karas
2008 Megan Demarco, Brandon Lee
2007 Brandon Lee

Christopher P. D’Amico Scholarship

Given in honor of alum Christophoer P. D’Amico to a rising sophomore who intends to embark upon a career in sports journalism, demonstrates great potential, and has financial need.

2019-2020 Christine Houghton

*All winners are chosen by the Journalism and Professional Writing faculty